(China Plus) A movie adaptation of Cai Jun's novel "Butterfly Cemetery" will hit theatres on Friday.

New Zealand model and actor Vivian Dawson and mainland actress Zhang Li co-star in this fantasy-romance film.

Zhang Li admits their collaboration has been a learning experience for her.

"My acting needed to be particularly intense for one scene where I'm drunk and gradually grow butterfly wings. Then Vivian Dawson came to me and described how she learned from working on the anime 'Dragon Ball.

(CGTN) Renowned Chinese comedian, actor and film director Yan Shunkai died on Monday at the age of 80.

The household name was famous for his role in "The True Story of Ah Q", the first film he ever starred in and which brought him many accolades, including "The Gold Stick Prize" at the Second International Festival of Comedy Films in Switzerland in 1982.

He was the only Chinese to have ever won this award.

Oxide Pang's “The Big Call” is set to be released on December 8, 2017.